• LIFE cards highlight some of the most endangered wild mammals in the world.

The product centers around our limited edition physical trading cards. Players compete to beat each other based on animal stats - and of course you can trade, and build your collection with the aim of completing the set.

The idea that’s central to all of this is that our 1st Edition Holographic cards are printed in exactly the same volume as the estimated population of the animal in the wild!

Of all the mammals on Earth, 60% are livestock, 36% humans, only 4% are wild.

We wanted to create a product that is: fun, educational and does some good along the way. So 20% of all profits will go directly to charities helping the revival of wild mammals.

They need your help!


There are two elements to LIFE cards, collecting and then the game itself.

There are four types of card: 1st Edition Holographic, 1st Edition Rare, 1st Edition Uncommon and 1st Edition Common.

The amount of each 1st Edition Holographic card printed will correlate with the estimated population of the animal in the wild. For example: there are only an estimated 1000 Mountain Gorillas left in the wild, therefore we will only ever print 1000 1st Edition Holographic Mountain Gorillas and so on…

A full list of all 100 mammals and print runs can be found below.

There is one card in the collection that is not a mammal, and that is Earth. ONLY 1 Holographic 1st Edition Earth will ever be printed, will you be the one to find it?

There are a total of 55 1st Edition Holos, 26 1st Edition Rares, 25 1st Edition uncommon and 50 1st Edition Common cards. Combined for a total of 156 unique cards to collect.

Painting process of the African Wild Dog